Real Conscious Eating

What is Real Conscious Eating?

Real Conscious Eating is an awareness of what you eat, how much you eat, what goes on in the body during eating that predicts how much you will eat, how you feel when you eat and what motivates you to eat. Awareness is followed by a process of change that results in making the best choices for you, mind, body and spirit. So what happens when you eat and why is it important to know? You see and smell food. The smell receptors n the mouth call up memories of past meals such as Sunday breakfast, a favorite lunch, dip and chips at a football game. The memories entice you and so you take a bite. As the food reaches the stomach, a spike in insulin occurs. Fats and nutrients send hormones to the brain (hypothalamus) where the brain decides when you are full. A number of biological processes occur during this time until you feel full, but there are tricks to get you to feeling that awareness of being full even sooner that I will share with you. What gets in the way of using the tricks you learn are early childhood food experiences, your Culture, Emotions, An urge for variety and Force of Habit As a result, you are likely to eat 92% of what is on your plate regardless of portion size. And changing your behavior is challenging because once the pleasure centers in the brain recognize certain foods as tasty and rewarding, then those centers continue to see those foods in a positive way, even once you decide to restrict them in your diet. Then habit sets in to work against your decision. But there are factors that you can adjust to master all of those challenges! Some of these secrets include:

  • How to use Pattern Interruption and Anchor Breaking to change any habit, food or other
  • How creating a perception of the richness of a food changes how much you eat
  • How to eat mindfully so that you know when you are satisfied and stop when you are full
  • What’s smell got to do with it and how it can make you full
  • Perfect ways to snack to eat the least and get the most out of it.
  • Satisfying a sweet tooth safely
  • More!

Ask me about a Real Conscious Eating program for your group and join me for the Real Conscious Eating Teleseminar with guest Hypno-Dining expert Sanna Carpellotti. Just click on the link at the top of this blog post. To begin Conscious Eating, ask yourself the following questions to increase your awareness.

Conscious Eating Questions

  • How much are you eating?
  • What are you eating?
  • When are you eating?
  • How emotional is your eating? Would you benefit from anchor breaking and pattern interruption?
  • Are you a stress eater?
  • What does it feel like when you are having a stress craving and how is that different from your usual hunger?
  • Who on your “Inner Committee” is making your decisions about food?
  • Is there another factor that sabotages your eating?
  • Which question raised an issue that you would like to resolve?

Happy Conscious Eating and Living to You!


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