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What Is the Inner Committee and Why Is It Important For Self-Love?

Do you often feel as though you are arguing with yourself? That part of you wants to start a project, write a book or change your health habits and the other would rather watch Seinfeld reruns and eat Twinkies? That is because you are comprised of not just one personality aspect or type, but really of an Inner Committee of different aspects. You can’t fire parts you don’t like, and they all go out with you each day into the world as you live your life. It is as if they all get on a bus, with you as the driver, but your happiness that day depends on which part of the committee is driving. You can let stronger or more balanced parts of you drive when you need motivation, gentler parts when you need to be kind to yourself and others. Parts that don’t function well can heal and pitch in to make the committee stronger. But knowing more about the Inner Committee will expand your personal growth in a big way, putting you in a position to achieve any goal you set for yourself.

Where Did I Leave My Inner Happiness?


When you want to fire parts of yourself that rob you of happiness, consider this. There are certain parts of the self that may be so buried that we don’t even recognize them anymore, and yet they are highly controlling in our lives in many ways. These lost or frozen parts of the self may be buried in the subconscious, and although we are not specifically aware of them, they drive us in many ways. Events that have occurred in the past that are buried in the subconscious often take over and drive the bus, and the other committee members don’t even know what happened. When parts of the self are lost, frozen, or traumatized, they may become buried and may cause you to feel that something is going on within yourself that you just don’t understand. Consider the character of Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. Hanibal Lecter eventually gets to her by recognizing a buried part of her that she tries to forget.

When these parts of the self slip into the subconscious, they can be responsible for anxiety, agoraphobia, and other anxiety disorders, or even depression. Have you ever felt anxious or depressed without even knowing why? Is there a part of the self that is overly introverted, and afraid to show itself, or traumatized?

On the other hand, Anxiety due to lost and frozen parts of the self should not be confused with “spiritual anxiety.” Spiritual anxiety comes from a much higher place and is usually due to awareness on the part of your spirit that something is coming into your life that you are not consciously aware of yet. The spirit may be aware that something is about to change or be shifted in unpredictable ways, and yet the conscious mind has not yet become aware of the reason. This again shows the wisdom of the spiritual self and yet it has a very different feeling. Usually spiritual anxiety is of a much lighter vibration, and may cause you to feel somewhat energetic in a positive way without knowing why. The spirit can also feel anxiety or agitation if negative circumstances are about to arrive and yet the vibration is still much lighter. The heavy anxiety and depression felt by the lost and frozen self is much more likely to promote anxiety and depression or to occur on a more long-term basis.

These lost or frozen parts that have slipped into subconscious have done so because the conscious mind is not ready or willing to deal with them at this time. When I use neuro-emotional technique, I often find that one of the contributing factors to physical illness are thoughts and emotions that are not being felt, but are being suppressed. These suppressed thoughts about past traumas, losses, or disappointments, are often stuffed back because we find them too difficult to deal with. Another possibility occurs even with smaller emotional upsets; in our society, we often do not have time or the luxury to sit and process our thoughts and feelings or talk about them to another person to release them and get some social support. Because we are a busy society, we suppress thoughts and feelings and emotions, and this becomes habitual.

Imaging stuffing things in a closet over and over again and then pushing the door shut without looking over what you have placed in the closet. Suppressing thoughts and feelings is much the same way. After a while, the closet becomes so stuffed that you can’t hold the door shut anymore and things begin to spill out. You may have anxiety attacks, feelings of sadness or temper outbursts and not understand why. This is what occurs when we don’t think our thoughts and feel our feelings, resolving them in a healthy way. As a result, some parts of the self may become so suppressed that we don’t even know they are there, but they still drive us in powerful ways. The material that is in the subconscious is often much more responsible for our behavior than that which is conscious. Our conscious thoughts can be redirected and moved in more positive and powerful ways, but the subconscious may hold us back when we can’t seem to break through and move our will forward in our lives.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for releasing some of these anxieties and actually locating them within the subconscious. They can often be released, through hypnosis, so that you can move forward in healthy ways. When you do a hypnosis exercise, it is likely that the words will reach the subconscious on a deeper level and allow you to resolve issues in the stuck or frozen parts of the self.

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