Transformedia, LLC, founded by Nancy Mramor Ph.D., is a business founded to create transformational media for personal growth.  Types of media include Television, Radio, Articles, Books and blogs, as well as workshops, lectures and individual sessions for therapy and coaching. Dr. Mramor and her staff have the mission of bringing psychology into everyday life, making it usable and understandable.

The mission has expanded over 30 years of business growth, to include outreach programs with other professional organizations.5 Study Groups were founded and co-led by Dr.Nancy for the Institute of Noetic Sciences in the Western Pennsylvania area.  The groups focused on the bridge between Science and Spirituality, including topics such as spontaneous remission, meditation, and mind-body health. IONs continues to receive funding from the National Institute of Health for it’s ground-breaking research.

As a member of the American Psychological Association Media Division and Telehealth Commttee, a current goal is to research apps to determine which are the most helpful as adjuncts to mental health for users.  The division is also currently working on establishing telehealth guidelines for online therapy and counseling. On the Pennsylvania Psychological Association Public Education Committee, Dr. Nancy assists with educating the public about psychology.

Work with non-profits and for profits includes work with live performing arts programs as well as video and audio educational programs designed for students from kindergarten through young adulthood. These programs focus on social issues important for youth, such as bullying, social networking, healthy use of technology and addiction.

In conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh Shadyside Hospital Foundation, Psychologist Dr. Nancy, Producer Jim DiSpirito, Editor Paul Ruggeri, Physician Carl Srodes, M.D., and nurse practitioners Janet Ziegler and Bonnie Shields worked together to create the DVD Hypnosis for Healing. It is used with Cancer patients in the West Penn Allegheny Health system and is available in the products section. Click here to see the products.

WOMEN'S MEDIA CENTERTo see more about Dr. Nancy’s work with the Women’s Media Society, click here.