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Produce Your Own Life! Gettin

Before you click the remote one more time, let me tell you that media is one of the top three things that shape your life. Let me also tell you that this news could be the best news you have ever heard, if you know what to do with it! Think of the power you have will have to make decisions! After your parents and teachers, the television, Internet and movies shape what you think, who you become and your level of happiness. Why does it matter? Because your goals, ideas, motivations, thoughts, and personal strengths and insecurities have been influenced by your media viewing choices.

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7 Secrets to a Great Valentines Day

Are you ready to have a great Valentines Day? These top tips will help you create one!

1. Change whatever you usually do.

Risk-taking brings some anticipation and common curiosity. I can be a new bonding activity for you and your partner as simple as eating ice cream, or taking a walk if this is novel for you. Travel to a new place if you like

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