Prescriptions for Healthy TV Viewing

rxtv-logoOver 25 years ago, I, Dr. Nancy Mramor, began appearing in the media, on TV, radio and in print to share psychological and spiritual principles that would improve people’s lives. During this time, my clinical research, study and practice led me to produce a television program on the effectiveness of TV to teach positive health concepts and practices through a multi-media televised curriculum of stress management. Thanks to a grant from the Beaver County Drug and Alcohol Prevention Project, the research was funded and the outcome was remarkable, proving that a program can be produced with the intention of creating positive health and healthy habits for students. My research, and experience as a producer, scriptwriter, editor and hundreds of media placements over the years drew me to become a resource to the media. As I have written and spoken about the power of television around the world, some things have become clear; TV is an influence that can contribute to happiness (or rob you of it, if used excessively).

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How Violent is Too Violent in Kid’s TV


rxtv-logoRecently on For Kids Entertainment, I had a giveaway that promoted the CW line up of action packed superhero cartoons and one reader wrote in wondering if the violence was okay for her 4 year old son. This question got me thinking: how violent is too violent for kid’s TV? It seems a handful of upcoming kids’ movies coming out have a scarier theme and of course superhero cartoons would be nothing if there weren’t villains. Breezy Mama turned to Nancy Mramor Ph.D., an educational, health and clinical psychologist, and Media Resource (who we also turned to for our piece Is TV Harming Your Kids? back in 2010) to find out the repercussions of kid’s watching too much violence.

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