Top Ten Ways to Have Long Lasting Happiness

Did you know that there are ten top ways discovered by researchers to create long lasting happiness? Listen to Dr. Nancy on the Motivation Marathon, to learn how.



9 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Feel Happier Today from Huffington Post writer Catherine Pearson with Dr. Nancy Mramor

Exercise “When you exercise, chemicals are released in the brain that cause happiness,” explained Nancy Mramor, Ph.D., a psychologist with a private practice in Pittsburgh, Pa. “Fifteen to 20 minutes of walking and the chemicals start kicking in, and the more you do it, the stronger that reaction in the brain becomes.” For a double-whammy, take your walk in nature (or at least, in relatively fresh air and sunlight if you’re a city person). Studies show that putting one foot in front of the other outdoors … even for just a few minutes … can help boost mood.

Eat something healthy.
“Hungry” people are not happy people, and sometimes the simplest mood-upping-fix is a quick nosh on something relatively healthy, Mramor said. “Dark chocolate, in moderation, is a good thing,” she added. “Eat a balanced snack with proteins, carbs and fats, which balances blood sugar and improves mood.” Maybe grab an apple with some cheddar cheese or peanut butter, spread an avocado on toast or dip into a greek yogurt with whatever fruit topping suits your fancy.  Read More