Spiritual Fitness for You

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Spring is the time when so many of us take the time to consider ways to get fit. We pull out the old methods that worked in the past and try them out again. Often relying on past successes is a good way to get things going in life. If you have a formula for success, you are likely to apply it again with great results.

What happens when the past methods aren’t working any more? Or what if they are doing OK, but aren’t giving you the enthusiasm that you’ve had for them in the past? Perhaps a little change in the program will make the biggest difference. This brings us to the topic of Spiritual Fitness. How might Spiritual Fitness improve your level of physical fitness?

First, consider the fact that when the body is less stressed, stress hormones that cause weight gain are reduced. One of the best ways to reduce weight producing stress hormones is with 20-30 minutes a day of relaxation.

Taking 20-30 minutes for deep relaxation and/or meditation will give you this break. In addition, the period of relaxation will repair and undo the damage done to your whole body during the day. If you do the relaxation period each day, you protect your body from the cumulative effects of stress. Over time this computes to freedom from disease.

Another way to become more spiritually fit is to take time for prayer. However you say the prayer, whether you make it up or say a formal prayer, take some to pray for yourself and others. Research done at Harvard Medical School and Duke University have proven that prayer works. Recent studies that have refuted the Harvard studies will be interesting to follow. For now, the body of research that proves the effectiveness of the prayer is substantial and worth following.

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