RxTV: What happens when your favorite character dies on TV?


Whether it is a soap opera, Game of Thrones or a comedy, sometimes TV characters that you adore get killed or die of natural causes. And sometimes, depending upon how attached you are to the character, you may feel some sadness or even denial. “But he can’t really be dead, you say,” and “She may have fallen off of a cliff but we didn’t see her die so maybe she is still alive,” are common things that I hear. And you know that often, a character will die for a while and then come back, if the actor has to make a movie and will be gone for a couple of years, or is pursuing other options. So the tendency to wish them back isn’t unrealistic, but can be a symptom of denial, the first stage of grieving. I was interviewed recently about this very topic, and the reporter wanted to know, ” What does it mean when you can’t admit that your favorite character is dead?” Click here to read more.

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