The Spirit-Driven Life Five Part Teleseminar


Join me for this groundbreaking new seminar, and you’ll find out:

The best time to reduce stress before it derails your day and your health. How to stop the mental disorganization that occurs when stress enters your day and interferes with your goals. The three most commonly overlooked things that can destroy your mental, physical and spiritual health. (These will surprise you.) the quickest, most permanent way to create an unlimited flow of energy to pursue your desires and goals. How to survive anything — and find fulfillment, inner peace and strength that last, even through the most difficult of times.



Session One: Body Segment with Leslie Sansone
What’s Good for You and What’s Not?

Session Two: Mind Segment with Jennifer Antkowiak
Changing Your Expectations To Receive What You Want

Session Three: Spirit Segment
Reaching Higher Into Spiritual Fitness

Session Four: Meditation Segment
Integration of Mind, Body and Spirit


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