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Will traditional TV be replaced?

In New York City, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and Yahoo premiered their upcoming content. Will it be long before some of the biggest shows are made by online companies rather than TV networks?

Ipads, androids, and other new devices are shifting viewer behavior. You decide what you want to watch, not only anytime but also anywhere. But traditional TV is not being replaced, merely enhanced and expanded by additional technological opportunities to view TV programs on phones, computers and ipads. Don’t you still go to the movies rather than wait for the video? I rest my case. #TVRadioDoc

But there is a danger of the end of the social closeness of the family gathered around the TV. offers that most families have several TVs, and they sit in different rooms and view different programs. Technology has increased connections but may be decreasing connectedness.  The remedy? Take some face time, and not on your cell phone.

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Google conducted a study on movie trailer viewing as a predictor of box office success.  A “Quantifying Movie Magic” study said that four weeks before a film’s release, the volume of trailer viewing would predict the movies’ box office opening with 94% accuracy.  Another study predicted 92% accuracy. And if you are being iintrigued between commercials with a piece of the trailer, you are more likely to watch the whole trailer. The same philosophy applies to those nice ladies at the grocery store who offer you samples of dip, cake and drinks; if you sample you are more likely to buy. Message? Be careful what you sample; tasting leads to consumption.

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