Media Interviews

Why “Ask Dr. Nancy?” For years, she has demonstrated her caring approach to bringing media and psychology to viewers, listeners and readers through TV, Radio and print. As a finely tuned individual who lives a conscious life, she brings psychology to the media as never before. With her sensitive, positive and experienced approach to topics including:

  • Healthy Use of Technology and the Internet,
  • Messages that are Absorbed during TV and movie viewing: RxTV
  • Current Events and Pop Culture
  • Real Conscious Living Insights for relationships and parenting
  • Current Events and Pop Culture
  • Health and Happiness…

Dr. Nancy changes perspectives during TV and radio interviews, and within your technology to those that are true for you, mind, body and spirit. As a result of her genuine, well-researched and witty approach, she has been invited to media placements on TV, Radio and Print, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS and many major magazines, print publications and popular websites.

She brings her concern for the viewer to interviews on TV, Radio and print placements and is available for comment and appearances to support viewers in understanding topics relevant to today.

“Ask Dr. Nancy” for interviews an on-air expert, producer, script-writer and consultant. To learn more about Dr. Nancy Mramor, view the video montage below and go to About Nancy.