Real Conscious Living: Let Your Best Self Filter Through

Whenever we speak of Real Conscious Living, we talk of the core self, the real you within your deepest self. Usually this is where your heart and soul’s desires live, waiting for you to realize and actualize them. When you are living from these desires you typically feel a sense of rightness and joy, with the realization that you are doing exactly what you are meant to do. These desires can manifest in your career, leisure time, creative expression, relationships, health or any part of your life. You may become aware of a desire in a dream state, during a meditation or prayer exercise, or just from living consciously. Whenever you notice that something really catches your attention or lights you up when you see it, it may be something that you catch because you are living consciously. Pay attention to these moments, as they can lead you to your Real Conscious Life! Or as my friend and colleague Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino would say, “Percolate: Let Your Best Self Shine Through.”

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, Life coach and founder of Best Ever You Network, has written a new book with a 9 Point Plan to implement positive changes in every aspect of your life. It’s simple, practical and fun!


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