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New Adventures of the Old You: Top Ten Ways to Conscious Media Viewing to Change Your Life

Your relationship with your TV, movies, social networks and the Internet; could it be the most influential relationship in your life? Did you know that you are more influenced and guided on conscious and subconscious levels during media intake than you have ever imagined? And that some of your current goals aren’t your own but those imposed by outside sources, including media, family and friends? Dr. Nancy’s entertaining, highly interactive program shows you just how it is done, by TV, movies, magazines, the Internet- even billboards! Once you learn how to view all media consciously, you will be able to choose the influence that empowers you and your goals and leave the rest behind! You may find yourself having a Real Conscious Life (RCL)!

The book: Get Reel: Produce Your Own Life accompanies this program.


Internet Addiction: So Much Technology, So Little Time

Dr. Nancy will share her lifetime of experience and research on TV, radio and the web to learn:

  • How to safely use technology, limiting health problems
  • To raise your productivity with focused success habits
  • How to consciously use social networking to your benefit and avoid the potential health and social pitfalls
  • Ways to work with cell phones and computers so that you don’t meet your demise, lose your friends or become addicted
  • How to keep kids safe and productive; use the force of media to motivate kids in new ways
  • Ways to stay true to yourself in a technological world full of messages that take your attention and influence your beliefs.

The book: Get Reel: Produce Your Own Life accompanies this program.



Real Conscious Living™ (RCL) is the capacity for living from a constantly refreshing awareness of your personal and global truth. RCL is

  • Real, not illusory or based on another’s ideas or influence of media, and is true to the more permanent and authentic aspects of the self.
  • It is Conscious in that you are awake and noticing everything in your life, independent of false stories and living in the moment. Such awareness inspires interest, vigor and unlimited opportunity for continued action that is in harmony with the real you.
  • It is a vital way of Living, both internally and actively that promotes full self-acceptance and ongoing growth.

Components of an RCL Include:

  • Mindful methods for living in the present free of limiting perceptions
  • Detachment from troublesome thought patterns, habits and anxieties
  • Clearing old beliefs and perceptions through awareness and practice
  • Being present to your own joy and pain so that you get unstuck
  • Finding still space to listen to your core intuitive self, spirit and purpose
  • Repeating Positive Patterns until they become a way of life

Benefits of the Conscious Living Workshop Series

  • Life purpose becomes clear
  • Blocks based on false beliefs clear away allowing you to live independent of hindrances
  • Happiness expands into a truer experience of joy, and that which has eluded you either falls away or opens up
  • You begin to find and complete the things you are meant to do, joyfully.
  • Becoming a person who continually sees a world of opportunity in every situation

The book: Get Reel: Produce Your Own Life accompanies this program.


Spiritual fitness: Manifest your Intentions for a Life of Love, Health, and Prosperity

Dr. Nancy Mramor, a psychologist with a lifetime of experience in teaching Spiritual Fitness shows you how to have mind, body and spirit health with the proven techniques from her award-winning book, Spiritual Fitness. Learn how to get the mind body and spirit working together to have the highest level of health by putting the spirit in the lead. Techniques that can be done in less than one minute to those that take 20 minutes will be shared so that all participants leave richer and more empowered for manifestation. Learn from Dr. Nancy how to:

  • Create physical health, happiness, relationships and a career that are spirit-driven.
  • Actively engage in visualization to achieve the goals that are true to your purpose.
  • Awaken attitudes and beliefs that produce optimum health, fulfilling relationships and rewarding work.
  • Create the life you desire based on the power of Intention.

Dr. Nancy Mramor is a leader in stress management and health, having earned her doctorate in the subject, with over 25 years of experience teaching Optimum Health nationally, internationally and as adjunct faculty at 5 well-known Universities.

To check out the book, SPIRITUAL FITNESS, that accompanies this
program, CLICK HERE.


The Incredible Power of Hypnosis for Success

Whether you want to succeed with a health challenge, career goal, relationship or personal growth, working with the mind in powerful ways will greatly enhance your chances of success – and very quickly!  The mind holds beliefs that are like hypnotic trances that either attract or repel what you desire to manifest. The thoughts and ideas that you have accepted as fact may bring you the guidance and direction that you need to create the life you want, or not! They could be blocking you if they are self-defeating. Learn highly entertaining and empowering ways to:

  • Identify and break ineffective trances while
  • Discovering and resetting the powerful thoughts and habits that will allow you to manifest your dreams and
  • Use the techniques that will attract the success, health and happiness you desire from now on and
  • MUCH MORE!!!

Click here to see the DVD Hypnosis for Health that accompanies this program.


For more information on a program for your group or organization: Call Dr. Nancy at 412-445-5352, or email your request to drnancy@realconsciousliving.com



Dr. Nancy has shared with hundreds of organizations internationally.



Penn State – Health Education Graduate School
Chatham University – Graduate School of Social Work
Robert Morris University – School of Human Resources
Point Park University – Graduate Education
Duquesne University – Graduate School of Professional Leadership
University of Pittsburgh – Graduate School of Social Work
La Roche College – Kearn Spirituality Center
Chautauqua Institution – Featured Speaker and Course Instructor
Carnegie Mellon Graduate School of Public Health



Nursing Oncology Association National Tour
European Health Psychology Conference
European Behavioral Medicine Conference
International Stress Management Conference
National Behavioral Medicine Conference
American Psychological Association Women’s Health Conference
MANY Others


“Dr. Nancy has a rare gift, and one that can help shape a person’s life and work for the better. Her sense of style, grace, and presence light up a conversation and can turn your next event into an experience for your group. She is warm, magnetic, approachable and connects to others in a real and genuine manner.”

Mark LeBlanc,

National Speakers Association, Past President


“It is a great pleasure to highly recommend Nancy Mramor for any expert guest speaking you may be considering. She delivers a powerful impact to engage your audience in a most unforgettable way! Nancy captivated my listeners with lightning buzz, and continues to be a top downloaded show with rave reviews.”

Deb Scott, BA, CPC Award Winning Author, Discover the Amazing You Coaching Radio Host, The Best People We Know Show


“Dr. Nancy Mramor is a thoughtful, insightful woman with the credentials to ground her work. Dr. Mramor has a huge impact on individuals she works with and she has a special bond with audiences when she speaks. I would highly recommend her for speaking engagements …She is an extraordinary person and professional.”

Rebecca Lamperski, Senior Director, Learning and Development/Ad Sales Comcast University


“This is the best … class I have ever taken.”

Sarah Cochran,
Fairfield, Iowa


“Dr. Mramor is an excellent author, television guest, and lecturer. I would highly recommend her for a multitude of things, especially anything concerning any type of media.”

Debbi Casini Klein, Multi-Award Winning Producer/Writer


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