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Before you click the remote one more time, let me tell you that media is one of the top three things that shape your life. Let me also tell you that this news could be the best news you have ever heard, if you know what to do with it! Think of the power you have will have to make decisions! After your parents and teachers, the television, Internet and movies shape what you think, who you become and your level of happiness. Why does it matter? Because your goals, ideas, motivations, thoughts, and personal strengths and insecurities have been influenced by your media viewing choices.

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It is also one of the most powerful teachers because it reaches you in a receptive state, often while you don’t realize what it is teaching. Many messages are positive empowering ones, and you can learn to view in a way that allows you to consciously choose them. But GET REEL shows you how to produce your own life, so that you will recognize messages that aren’t authentic and begin to view consciously. You’ll move from Getting Reel to Getting Reel.

Ask yourself if you are:

Feeling anxious, restless, unhappy even when you reach a goal you thought mattered

A parent who struggles with the messages the media gives your children through TV, the Internet and video games

A single woman or man who struggles with finding love

In your twenties or thirties and finding your identity

In mid-life and re-finding your identity

A married couple that chooses TV watching over other activities too often

A parent of a child who is glued to the TV, computer and video games

An avid reader of self-help books or wish you were

Ready to really look at your dreams, and consider revising them in ways that will turn them into realities

Buying things to feel better or eliminate boredom

Interested in having a more fulfilling life

Ready to bump up your happiness

An incurable trekkie (Star Trek fan) who needs to get a life?

An addict who craves Chris Noth in The Good Wife like Carrie Bradshaw used to do?

®A high media consumer who really enjoys viewing and wants to keep watching but enjoy it even more. Then perhaps you are in the right place at the right time to Get Reel®.


Get Reel®: Produce Your Own Life is a new book, lecture and blog series that solves all of these issues AND helps you create your own life!

To understand how Get Reel® could give you the power to run your life, understand that your TV, movies and the Internet do not change your perception of reality by itself. The creators provide the content and they produce what they know you will consume. And that can be fantastic! The amount of education, entertainment and fun that media provides is proof of the talent, time and effort that producers and writers contribute to your life. And much of the time that is a great thing!

But TV, Movies and the Internet are businesses, and so they also present information in a way that causes continued consumption. You are all partners in creating rivteting content; viewers, producers and consumers who drive the content. But the way in which it is driven can shape the way that you think and live. What you see is what you become.

So who’s in charge of your beliefs, you or your TV/computer? Right now, the TV/ computer screen with its convenience and 24 hour availability. But in the end, it will be you, most of the time. And when it’s not, you will know how to take back control. You get to decide which media messages and ideas you will keep and which don’t fit for you. And you will enjoy viewing more than ever! You can learn the conscious living skills to have a Real Conscious Life. It all starts with learning conscious viewing skills. Ready to produce your own life?

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