Get Your 32 Page Guide: Amazing Health and Happiness Secrets for You and Your Family

Today you can download a 32 page ebook full of health and happiness ideas to use right now!

It is a compilation of years of experience, education, research, work with major publications, organizations and media outlets dedicated to creating a more conscious life for you. As I was creating Amazing Health and Happiness Secrets for You and Your Family I wanted to give you options for health and happiness to begin right now, and to have the opportunity to take your conscious living to the next level.  And so Amazing Secrets includes: 

  • Food and Health: New Findings
  • Ridiculously Simple Ways to Be Happier
  • Stress, Technology and Time: Ways to Decompress
  • Loving Yourself: What To Do Next
  • Relationships, Couples, Kids & iPhones
  • Bullying At Work and School: A Trend that Must End
  • Special Advice for Back to School & Work
  • Including Bullying, Relocating, Test Anxiety,
    Special Tips from Dr. Jo Anne White

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Amazing Health and Happiness Secrets  is a perfect companion book to my most recent award-winning book Get Reel, Produce Your Own Life®.

I wrote Get Reel as an entertaining, fun guide book that shows just how you are influenced by all of the media in your life, from your iPhone, to your TV and even from magazines and how it can be a really good thing for you or not.

There is a powerful positive potential of TV, Internet, social networking, movies and magazines to educate and entertain you.

But there can be subliminal influence on your beliefs from smart marketers who want to influence you to keep buying, viewing and consuming.  You can discover the influence of media on your relationships, success, mind, heart and self-esteem, and learn how to take what is positive for you and release the rest. You may desire to  emerge from any false beliefs that you have subliminally absorbed so that you can consciously live from your deepest values in every moment in your life. If you want to….

  • Achieve mental freedom from old worn out ideas and live from empowered self-acceptance,
  • Emerge from stuck places in your life into the healthiest and happiest ones,
  • Have the awareness of how to live from your values at every moment, authentically creating the life your want,
  • Imagine setting and reaching goals that stem from your true purpose.

Then Get Reel: Produce Your Own Life ® is for you. Learn More
It is my wish for you that you will take this opportunity to get the ebook  and if you want to move to the next step, a copy of Get Reel as the perfect pair for Real Conscious Living.


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