Finding Stillness to Listen to Your Spirit and Purpose


Can you hear your still small voice within that always knows what is best for you an guides you through a multitude of storms? The mind is so busy with mental chatter that it is sometimes hard to hear your inner voice or feel the gut-feelings that tell you when you are about to make a mistake, when something is good for you, or even when someone is thinking of you.

So why is this voice so important? It tells you the truth about you and what is best for you. And it leads you on a path that is true to your authentic self and life purpose. So how can you get there on a daily basis? Some methods include meditation and hypnosis and others include activities that cause flow, yoga exercise, and doing things that you love that bring you closer to your real self.

Meditation and finding stillness has many forms, such as being in nature, using a word or phrase repeatedly while breathing deeply to quiet your mind, or praying and listening for answers. All are great ways to get started or enhance your daily health practice and enrich your capacity to tune into your inner wisdom.

Hypnosis talks to your subconscious mind and reminds it how resourceful and creative you are at solving problems, reaching goals and being you in a full way. You can use self-hypnosis to create the life you want, because it is empowering to, helps you break old habits and opens doorways in the mind that are can assist you in accomplishing your desires. You don’t even know how remarkable your mind can be until you wake it up! You can also use hypnosis to heal the past and create the future.

You can get started on your own, with a teacher, therapist or coach or with CDs books and DVDs. I have recommended these to many people who have them to be highly effective and life-changing.

Spiritual Fitness, an award-winning book to lead you on a personal and spiritual journey into stillness and purpose.
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Hypnosis for Healing, produced by Dr. Nancy Mramor and other gifted producers and contributors, will change the way you think about your health. Take the first step to mind-body healing with Hypnosis for Healing.
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Meditation and Relaxation for Adults and Children is the perfect beginners meditation and relaxation CD for adults.   If you have children, there are also two exercises for them to begin their stress management practice. The children’s methods can be used for performance or test anxiety, daily stress and problem solving.
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