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As David Letterman’s legacy of entertainment is in review, I found myself reviewing the interview that I did for Better TV in New York City. It was one of those windy days in the big city that chilled your bones and kicked up just enough dust to cause a look-away while walking the long blocks to the television studio. But my fate was not on the line, it was David Letterman’s, so the weather was a minor inconvenience compared to what he was facing.

David Letterman, a married man, had just had an office romance and viewers wanted some guidelines for relationships at work. But especially, they were interested in Letterman’s fate. Would he lose his position at NBC? Just how would he be handled? David publicly apologized and the show went on as usual.

Obviously, David handled the crisis, as did NBC. When an office romance occurs in a corporation as large as a television network, crisis management includes:

  • Holding the individuals accountable
  • Keeping the wheels of production and broadcast moving smoothly and
  • Moving through the situation in a short enough period of time that there is little collateral damage to the network.

But what about those involved in office romance? To avoid a negative impact on your career

  • Follow the rules of your business regarding inner office dating
  • If you feel that you could be breaking a rule, go to your direct superior or a Human Resources person and run any questions by them. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Remember, if have an affair in your office and you are married, everyone will long remember how you met, even if the affair becomes a long-term committed relationship. Decide carefully.


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