Celebrity and Real Life Workplace Relationships

Better TV, NYC

Recently David Letterman’s workplace romances caused many people to consider whether office affairs are worth it. Tiger Woods is also reconsidering some of his recent actions. I was invited to speak about the topic on Meredith Corp. program Better, in New York City and on KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh; you can get more information at the following links:

Consider the following points about the topic and decide for yourself!

Why are celebrities set up for relationship problems?

  • Idealistic world created by celebrities for viewers caught up in it
  • Expect life to always be that glamorous
  • Expectation is that they will receive the kind of attention that they play out on the screen
  • Large fan base that increases importance

What are the effects of These Set-Ups?

  • Romance is idealized and so both stars and viewers get an unrealistic idea about love!
  • They want their life to live up to what they play and see on the screen

What do celebrity relationships fall apart?

Ego and Opportunity

Ego points

  • Stars are waited on hand and foot
  • Nothing is beyond their reach financially
  • Large fan base
  • Result is that their sense of personal importance is large

Opportunity points

  • Other celebrities are attractive and available – Proximity
  • Work in close contact (love scenes) and become friends and support system for each other when away from family
  • Get offers, propositions
  • Sometime act out of loneliness or exhaustion, and lean on those close by
  • Similar to an office romance (Letterman)

Celebrities after a certain point don’t need to get married

  • Still stars, we still buy their records
  • Can have a relationship long term without marriage (Oprah, Brad/Angie, Goldie/Kurt)
  • Too much to lose financially with a divorce

How does this apply to anyone in a work environment considering an office romance?

  • The same ego and opportunity principles apply People become local or company celebrities.

What to do about making such a decision?

  • Consider the company’s rules; Where there are rules there are repercussions
  • Company’s interest is the smooth flow of business, not the romance and their goals are to keep business moving smoothly without interruption
  • Results may be a transfer to a different department or a move to a new company, or even more specific repercussions as outlines by company policies.

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