Are your romances as romantic as the ones on the screen? Jamaica Observer asked me the same thing!

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WE’RE taught that the ideal romance story involves butterflies at first glance, then being wooed by the perfect guy or girl, won over, and then living happily ever after. But Dr Nancy Mramor Kajuth, health and media psychologist and award-winning author of Get Reel: Produce Your Own Life, has found that romantic comedies and movies are unconsciously influencing our expectations for relationships and oftentimes result in couples giving up control on what they really want in the relationship.

Dr Kajuth, who resides in Pittsburgh and has worked in media for over 25 years, told All Woman that romance movies give a false impression of love, and while she doesn’t have a problem with people watching them, she said it is paramount that they are able to separate themselves from the myths that are perpetuated in the media regarding love and relationships.

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Article for the Solitary Writer on how media is affecting you

Recently I was contacted by The Solitary Writer to write about the Top Ten C’s of Conscious Viewing and Living. In my book, Get Reel: Produce Your Own Life, I introduce the idea that we need to view all media consciously so that we get the benefit without the side effects. Each chapter of the book contains a “C” or guideline for maximizing your media time in a way that empowers your real conscious life. The “C’s” are words that open a way of thinking about all of your media intake that can make your viewing time highly productive rather than just a down time activity. The “C’s” start with getting curious about what you are listening to, viewing, seeing online, watching on a billboard or reading in a magazine. There are clever marketing techniques that keep you viewing, and if they’re successful and entertaining, it results in keeping you on their viewer list. Yet, sometimes that takes you into a way of living or thinking that doesn’t match your true self. Learn how to enjoy your media time and build a mindful life at the same time, with the Top Ten “C’s” of Conscious Living and Viewing. Click here to read the article



David Letterman

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As David Letterman’s legacy of entertainment is in review, I found myself reviewing the interview that I did for Better TV in New York City. It was one of those windy days in the big city that chilled your bones and kicked up just enough dust to cause a look-away while walking the long blocks to the television studio. But my fate was not on the line, it was David Letterman’s, so the weather was a minor inconvenience compared to what he was facing. Read More