Is YouTube a Good Idea for Toddlers?

Originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times reporter David Pierson and I looked at why preschoolers like YouTube and whether it is good for them. And it is hard to avoid. While TV time can be limited, if your youngster has an iPad, then they have access to TV through YouTube all the time. Those who have never seen TV may be familiar with Hannah Montana in any case.

“The family and learning space is incredibly important to YouTube and one that is continuing to grow,” said Malik Ducard, YouTube’s global head of family and learning. And a quick review of the YouTube toddlers’ options proved that the same preschool shows that are available on TV are also on YouTube. Kids can meet Big Bird on Sesame Street. Read More

3 Ways to Help Children Feel Safe in A Changing World with Dr. Nancy and Huffington Post

Helping Our Children Feel Safe in a Changing World.

What they learn about the world comes largely through media. So…

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Political Bias: Why To Avoid it and How You Can


First, let me start out by saying that this article contains no bias. Second, I will venture to say that those who read it may find it biased in one direction or another. Third, I would ask you to notice that while there was no intentional bias, that your perception of bias is something that may alert you to your “perceptual filter.” It is that filter that hears things in a certain way, based on your ideas and experiences that is different than how is is actually said or meant. And it drives your life. Read More

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It is a compilation of years of experience, education, research, work with major publications, organizations and media outlets dedicated to creating a more conscious life for you. As I was creating Amazing Health and Happiness Secrets for You and Your Family I wanted to give you options for health and happiness to begin right now, and to have the opportunity to take your conscious living to the next level.  And so Amazing Secrets includes:  Read More

Latest Findings on Creating Happiness from Real Conscious Living

New Happiness Findings in this Issue of Real Conscious Living

  • Are You Sabotaging Your Own Happiness?
  • Does Social Media Rob You of Your Happiness? New Research
  • Does Money Buy Happiness? It just might!
  • How Does Body Image Cause Happiness?

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Happiness?

Glow-magazine-coverStop waiting to reach all of your goals, make lots of money, be healthier or have more friends! The truth is in the small things that you do every day. Science tells us that it’s your daily habits from your morning ritual to your daily coffee break that will make or break your smile!

Habits structure our daily lives and define how we feel. So unhealthy habits such as fast-food drive through break or a gossip break will prompt a swing away from good feelings. It may feel good at the time, but very shortly, the good feelings will predictably fade. When your values and your goals are supported by your habits, you will simply be happier! Here are a few ways to create healthy habits that I shared with Kerrie Lee Brown at Canada’s Glow Magazine and many more ideas from the research to help you create happiness. Read More