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Get Reel and Produce Your Own Life with Deb Scott and Dr. Nancy
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Before you click the remote one more time, let me tell you that media is one of the top three things that shape your life. Let me also tell you that this news could be the best news you have ever heard, if you know what to do with it! Think of the power you have will have to make decisions! After your parents and teachers, the television, Internet and movies shape what you think, who you become and your level of happiness. Why does it matter? Because your goals, ideas, motivations, thoughts, and personal strengths and insecurities have been influenced by your media viewing choices.

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Women’s Health and Men’s Health Magazines’ De-stressing Tips with Dr. Nancy

When Men’s Health asked for vacation and relationship de-stressing tips, I offered these ideas that you can use right now!

  • Vacations work well when you are not too tightly scheduled or too unscheduled.
  • If you pick some activities, restaurants, and tours in advance and then leave time for serendipity or relaxation, you’ll have a less stressful trip.
  • And once you are there, ask the locals what are the best things to do; you may end up at a great local gelato shop instead of a tourist trap.


In the relationship arena, they asked about the stress of the spouse’ job and how it effects the marriage. When a woman (or a man) comes home from a job they dislike, they may often want to vent to their partner.  But is the daily venting good for the person or the marriage? Read More

Are you disappointed you didn’t win the lottery?


It may be for the best. The plans you made for spending the money are behind you now, and you can focus on what really makes you happy. So you didn’t get the new car? Maybe you can go see someone who makes you really happy in the one you have! Or maybe you didn’t get to pay for your kids new house, but maybe you can help them find the one they can afford. There are so many ways to be happy and you can claim them for yourself. Find out interesting ways to reframe your lottery loss.


Watching TV and The Internet? 3 Ways to Make It an Exercise in Real Conscious Living!

New Age Journal

Written for New Age Journal
Nancy Mramor Kajuth, Ph.D.

Are you an avid TV, movie or Internet fan, who wants a more conscious life, but finds yourself surrounded in media and entertainment, text messages, and the Internet? Or are you a moderate user of media who just enjoys your screen time? Either way, you can use the time you spend with your devices and screens as time to practice conscious living, instead of seeing it as time away from your conscious life!
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