Leadership from the Inside Out

This article is the first in a series on Leadership from the Inside Out. The purpose is to look at the leader as a person first and as a leader second. In developing the person, the leader can them emerge stronger, more capable and whole and better able to relate to others. Topics in this column will relate to the abilities, motivations and resources that we have within us that make us better people and therefore better leaders.

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Making Smooth Transitions: Back to School and Work After Summer

Many adults take long vacations, or time off in the summer to recharge.  Children have a built-in vacation from school.  Getting back on track can often present a challenge, but rising to meet it can produce even better results than you had before the break. It is important to look at any reasons you may be having trouble getting back on track. Are there things about school/work that you are avoiding? It may be time to reshuffle and reconsider your work/school routines and do things differently than before.  Refine your routines.  Remove clutter and unnecessary tasks or delegate them.  Add desirable tasks to your routine to give you more to draw you back into your work routine.  By giving yourself reasons to want to go back into your routine, you are taking care of yourself.

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Physical Intelligence

This issue’s topic is Physical Intelligence, a topic that is often gets less attention during the winter months. Physical intelligence revolves around the idea that if we are tuned into the physical needs, that we have a much greater likelihood of having as much success as we want and deserve. You could not get across the country in a vehicle in poor condition. The same is true of the physical body. If you want to reach your goals and destinations, it is necessary to have a vehicle is good working order. The program that is presented here is based on over 30 years of research, practice and teaching in the business, education and health fields.

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Old Business

Getting Old Business finished is one of the best ways to start a new year.  When you have things that are unfinished, whether you are aware of it or not, you are always carrying them in the back of your mind.  Think of them as a backpack; you can?t see it but you know it is there.  Once is a while, you become aware of the weight of it, but since life is busy you just push old business out of your mind and don?t deal with it. This not only takes up mental energy that you are using to hold the business, but it takes physical energy.  When the body has been using up energy for too long, it wears down. Read More