Political Bias: Why To Avoid it and How You Can


First, let me start out by saying that this article contains no bias. Second, I will venture to say that those who read it may find it biased in one direction or another. Third, I would ask you to notice that while there was no intentional bias, that your perception of bias is something that may alert you to your “perceptual filter.” It is that filter that hears things in a certain way, based on your ideas and experiences that is different than how is is actually said or meant. And it drives your life. Read More

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Produce Your Own Life! Gettin

Before you click the remote one more time, let me tell you that media is one of the top three things that shape your life. Let me also tell you that this news could be the best news you have ever heard, if you know what to do with it! Think of the power you have will have to make decisions! After your parents and teachers, the television, Internet and movies shape what you think, who you become and your level of happiness. Why does it matter? Because your goals, ideas, motivations, thoughts, and personal strengths and insecurities have been influenced by your media viewing choices.

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More about Real Conscious Eating

Perhaps you recently walked by the newsstand and noticed the magazine covers with the model-thin women on the cover that read, “Lose 10 pounds this month” and “Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes.”  Does this sound like a mass of contradictions?  It is!  The mixed messages about food in our society suggest that decadence and total health can happen in the same package.  Well, maybe they can and maybe they can’t but there is definitely room in the middle for a wonderful relationship with food.
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Leadership from the Inside Out

This article is the first in a series on Leadership from the Inside Out. The purpose is to look at the leader as a person first and as a leader second. In developing the person, the leader can them emerge stronger, more capable and whole and better able to relate to others. Topics in this column will relate to the abilities, motivations and resources that we have within us that make us better people and therefore better leaders.

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