Is YouTube a Good Idea for Toddlers?

Originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times reporter David Pierson and I looked at why preschoolers like YouTube and whether it is good for them. And it is hard to avoid. While TV time can be limited, if your youngster has an iPad, then they have access to TV through YouTube all the time. Those who have never seen TV may be familiar with Hannah Montana in any case.

“The family and learning space is incredibly important to YouTube and one that is continuing to grow,” said Malik Ducard, YouTube’s global head of family and learning. And a quick review of the YouTube toddlers’ options proved that the same preschool shows that are available on TV are also on YouTube. Kids can meet Big Bird on Sesame Street. Read More

Hypnosis for Health: Why Doctor’s Health Orders Aren’t Always Followed and How They Can Be

Originally appeared in Self Magazine 2017

Doctors know that if they tell patients that being overweight is dangerous for their health, it has little or no impact on habit change. But why? Because they are speaking directly to the conscious mind. The subconscious is where the decisions are made! And the reason hypnosis works to create change is that it talks directly to the subconscious.

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3 Ways to Help Children Feel Safe in A Changing World with Dr. Nancy and Huffington Post

Helping Our Children Feel Safe in a Changing World.

What they learn about the world comes largely through media. So…

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