Ask Dr. Nancy and Gina Mazza How to Start your New Year! Free Teleseminar

Ask Dr. Nancy and Gina Mazza How to Start your New Year! Free Teleseminar

You are readier than you may think you are for the New Year! To tap into this readiness, look back at your accomplishments of the past year and make a list of them. Appreciate what you are grateful for and what you have attained in all areas of your life. Really acknowledge yourself for your growth and self-acceptance in all areas of your life. Then list the things you prefer not to bring forward and make a ritual to release them. You can write them down and tear them up or shred them. Then write a list of your truest intentions for yourself and the new year. Energize them by saying them out loud, and doing a ritual to charge the intentions. Some ways to charge the intention include lighting a candle, saying them to your truest friends who will assist you in your goals, and ….. much more! Join us to learn more about starting a truly new year full of Real Conscious Living.

Listen to the Free Teleconference for beginning the New Year with Gina Mazza. True to the intention of Real Conscious Living, Gina says, “The New Year is always an auspicious time to start fresh and set new goals. Yet many of us get hung up on making ‘resolutions’ for the New Year, most of which feel restrictive or even like a punishment. We ‘resolve’ to NOT do something, possibly something that involves a pattern we’ve had for a long time -like smoking or eating sweets- and then expect to master this in a few short weeks. Or, we determine to DO something, so we attempt to create an immediate new pattern in our lives, like scheduling to work out at the gym 3 x’s a week starting January 2 – then we feel defeated and beat ourselves up when we don’t follow through. By early March, often our resolutions have been long forgotten and we feel like we’ve failed, or are stuck once again in old habits.”

In this interview, we will discuss a more conscious, sustainable way of approaching this end-of-the-year ritual of “resolutions.” This process is tied to deeper, truer shifts that we can gradually and effectively call forth in our lives, because they come from intimately knowing who you are, what you want and fundamentally why you want it. Gina will discuss her tried-and-true two-part process for 1) reflecting back on the previous year and 2) setting REAL intentions for the year that will give one deeper self-knowledge, a truer direction in life and an overall sense of peace.

Blessings to you for the new year!

Dr. Nancy

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