Article for the Solitary Writer on how media is affecting you

Recently I was contacted by The Solitary Writer to write about the Top Ten C’s of Conscious Viewing and Living. In my book, Get Reel: Produce Your Own Life, I introduce the idea that we need to view all media consciously so that we get the benefit without the side effects. Each chapter of the book contains a “C” or guideline for maximizing your media time in a way that empowers your real conscious life. The “C’s” are words that open a way of thinking about all of your media intake that can make your viewing time highly productive rather than just a down time activity. The “C’s” start with getting curious about what you are listening to, viewing, seeing online, watching on a billboard or reading in a magazine. There are clever marketing techniques that keep you viewing, and if they’re successful and entertaining, it results in keeping you on their viewer list. Yet, sometimes that takes you into a way of living or thinking that doesn’t match your true self. Learn how to enjoy your media time and build a mindful life at the same time, with the Top Ten “C’s” of Conscious Living and Viewing. Click here to read the article



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