7 Secrets to a Great Valentines Day

Are you ready to have a great Valentines Day? These top tips will help you create one!

1. Change whatever you usually do.

Risk-taking brings some anticipation and common curiosity. I can be a new bonding activity for you and your partner as simple as eating ice cream, or taking a walk if this is novel for you. Travel to a new place if you like

2. Provoke emotions.

To remind your partner what attracted you in the beginning, you can view, Romantic movies, and memories, wedding videos, honeymoon photos or go to your most romantic restaurant

iStock_couple embracingSmall3. Aromatherapy

If you wear a NEW scent it signals that something is different. If you want to be viewed differently by your partner you’ve changed personally, lost weight, changed hair color, become more confident or outgoing, wear a new scent.

Wear a familiar scent to bring back old times, good times, memories and renew the existing relationship.

4. Color

Wear the little black dress to be mysterious or sexy, causing your date to wonder about who you are and cause curiosity. Black and white gives a very classic image

Bright COLOR evokes a mental and emotional reaction.

Wear Red and Pink for Love, Yellow or Green for friendship, or Blue to slow things down.

5. Feel loved before you start

Read old letters and cards to open your heart and remember how much you care about your partner. Your loving attitude can rub off on your partner.

6. Surprise your Sweetheart

The Element of surprise creates novelty.

Listen when they mention things they might like in passing.

Notice what they like when they think you aren’t looking.

Ask them for a list of what they want and pick one they might not expect.

7. Let them know in advance what you might like

Avoid disappointment in advance to guarantee a good Valentines Day.

Ask for what you want. Be careful to be clear and not overly subtle.

Too subtle – Isn’t that sweater nice?

Just right – I love that red sweater in the window at Macy’s

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