3 Ways to Create Endings and Beginnings


Have you ever had trouble letting go of a relationship, a car, a habit, clutter, “stuff” in your house, or that book you have been planning to read for the past few years? Release is an issue that almost everyone has to deal with at some time in life, whether you are releasing old belongings, a dysfunctional relationship, a career or even a loved one. Release can be challenging whether you choose to let go of something or it is imposed upon you, but there are skills and attitudes you can adapt that will make it much easier.

Why is it so important to let go of things in a positive way? Several reasons. And those reasons give you the guidelines needed to let go.

  • Whatever you want for yourself, you have to make space for it. Whether it is a new relationship or just a new rug, clearing out the old one will make it much easier for you to manifest what you want.
  • Letting go incompletely leaves a tie or to the old object or person that “holds the space” where you are trying to bring in something new.
  • If letting go involves a person, organization or group, be sure that you have dealt with any negative emotions about the situation. Holding resentments keeps your mind pre-occupied with the problem, leaving little room to invite anything else in.
  • Forgiveness is necessary for you to fully let go of an old situation. Forgiving another person does not indicate that you think what they did was right, just that you are finished with it, that you are letting the person go and that you are ready to move forward. Have a look at anything you need to forgive yourself for in the situation, too, so that you don’t hold yourself in blame, never letting go of self-criticism for your part in the situation.
  • Decide what, if anything, you want to replace the old person, thing, idea or habit with or put in its place. Begin to focus on the present as you create the new life that you want, with a view to the future manifestation or outcome.

“Ask Dr. Nancy” if you are leaving a relationship or marriage, or are considering whether to make the decision. 

Create a new future opening to feelings of deserving something new

  • Stages of release and letting go to understand before you make any changes
  • The Role of Forgiveness in letting go
  • Emotional Healing and Balance for Release
  • Creation of the New Manifestation to replace the old


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